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إقامات تكوين
توفّر إقامات تكوين الفرصة لأربعة مصمّمين يتم اختيارهم للمشاركة في برنامج تعليمي شامل، وبرنامج إرشادي إبداعي شخصي يدار من قبل خبراء محليين وعالميين. يحصل المشاركون أيضاً على منح تهدف إلى إطلاق مشاريعهم الشخصيّة والمساعدة على إنجاحها.

takween residency

The takween residency offers four selected designers to be enrolled in a comprehensive learning program and a personal creative mentorship program run by local and international industry professionals. Participants also receive grants aimed at kick-starting their personal businesses and positioning them for success.

four designers selected to be the first takween residents

This March marks the launch of the first takween residency, an eight-month residency for designers based in Jordan. Out of the 48 applications, four designers were selected by a jury of experts from the creative sector, to be this year’s takween residents.

The selected designers take part in a comprehensive learning program and a personal creative mentorship program run by local and international industry professionals. In addition,  they will receive a grant of up to 8000 JOD aimed at kick-starting their personal businesses and launching their creative ideas. The residents will have access to a free work space and facilities in the takween creative space in Jabal Amman.

The takween learning program, taking place between March and June, offers modules in design research, writing and storytelling, image production, and value creation, with access to resources and skills in product development, making, prototyping, and materials.

The  four designers were selected based on their proposed ideas, and a letter of motivation indicating their reasons for participating in the residency.

A selection committee, comprised of five jury members including Laura Hartz, director of the Goethe Institut, and Rana Beiruti, director of platform and Amman Design Week, who are collaborating partners in the launch of takween and its programs.

Other members of the selection committee included Nisreen Abu Dail, founder and designer at naqsh collective, as well as Hashem Joucka, a mixed-media artist, digital fabrication expert, and construction technologist based in Amman, and Jumana Jacir, a designer and entrepreneur who founded Kama Local Gourmet.

The selection committee evaluated the ideas for originality, innovativeness, clarity, project sustainability, and its fulfillment of the project’s objectives.

Quick Facts

The takween residency supports designers to become creative entrepreneurs.

Being part of the takween residency offers you:

  • A chance to develop your idea into a sustainable creative business
  • Access to a four-month learning program based on eight modules
  • Being paired with a personal creative mentor
  • Access to a workspace and facilities at the takween creative space in Jabal Amman
  • Access to industry resources and local and international networks
  • A chance to be part of Amman Design Week 2019
  • A start-up grant of up to 8000 JODs

The Residents

Farah Ajlouni

Farah Ajlouni is the founder of Gioia, a social enterprise that produces footwear locally, giving a voice to some of Jordan’s craft communities in the production process. Farah is also journalist working for several international TV networks. Her work inspired her desire to provide means of economic empowerment to more vulnerable communities.


Yacob Sughair

Yacob Sughair is a Jordan-based furniture designer. He opened his studio in 2002, and is now interested in expanding his home furniture into a line of children's furniture. In 2017, he won the silver Award in the furniture category of “A’ Design Awards” in Italy.

Website: www.ysughair.com

Aseel Qawasmeh

Aseel Qawasmeh launched her namesake label in 2016. ASEEL offers unique pieces where traditions and real stories are more important than trends. Sophisticated and feminine yet modern and effortless, the brand seamlessly blends versatile shapes and impeccable tailoring, with a focus on unique details and luxurious textiles.


Zeid Hijazi

Zeid Hijazi is a fashion design student pursuing a BA in London. Inspired by McQueen’s Plato’s Atlantis, and motivated by his family, he is pursuing a career in fashion in the region. His ultimate aim is to give birth to a new fashion scene in Jordan.


The Jury

Nisreen Abu Dail

Nisreen Abu Dail is the founder of Naqsh Collective, along with her sister Nermeen. Their work has been exhibited in several national and international museums, such as the Jordan National Gallery for Art, Jameel Art Center in Dubai, Al-Sharjah Art Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Tiraz: Widad Kawar Home for Arab Dress in Amman, The Islamic Art Festival, and Dar Al-Nimer in Beirut as part of ‘At the Seams’ exhibition.In 2018, Nisreen & Nermeen were one of the 8 finalists to win the Jameel Prize 5, at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Nisreen received her Bachelor degree in Architecture from Jordan University of Science and Technology, and studied art at the Corcoran College in Washington D.C.

Website: www.naqshcollective.com

Jumana Jacir

Jumana  is a first-time entrepreneur and founder of Kama Local Gourmet.  Previously, she was in charge of the creative direction and execution of projects at the Royal Court, building a decade worth of experience in creative development, design, packaging and event management.  Her work with designers and manufacturers across continents from Eastern cultures and Western world has fueled her desire to contribute to building bridges. Her first order for the World Economic Forum 2013, Dead Sea was the test drive for this entrepreneurial business model that lead to the launch of Kama.  A universal brand, empowering women, with the focus on celebrating and promoting the finest of our Middle Eastern culture and specialty food to the world.

Website: www.shopkama.com

Hashem Joucka

Hashem Joucka is a mixed-media artist, digital fabrication expert and construction technologist based in Amman, Jordan. His work fuses science, art and technology to produce informative and interactive artwork which focus on phenomena. Joucka wears different hats, working across multiple disciplines, producing customized items found in museums, homes and schools, as well as interactive installations for major events across the region. Joucka now leads TechWorks, a digital fabrication laboratory in Amman.

Website: www.hashemjoucka.com

Laura Hartz

Laura Hartz is the director of the Goethe-Institut in Amman since July 2017 when she came across the bridge from her previous post as director of the Goethe-Institut Ramallah. Before that she was the Head of the Culture Department for South America at the Goethe-Institut São Paulo, Brazil. She studied Social Sciences at the University of Göttingen, Germany and the University of Seville, Spain.

Website: www.goethe.de

Rana Beiruti

Rana Beiruti is the co-founder and director of Amman Design Week, and the founder of platform, a curatorial initiative dedicated to building connections between designers and innovators in Jordan and the world. As an independent curator with a background in architecture and an MBA, she previously held the role of director of The Lab at Darat al Funun – The Khalid Shoman Foundation, where she initiated an active program supporting emerging and established artists, and also championed the organization of Darat al Funun’s archive of 30 years of history in art from the Arab World. In 2018, she was shortlisted for the Middle Eastern Architectural Personality of the year (the Mohamed Makiya Prize - Tamayouz Excellence award) for her work and interests, which align curatorial practice and cultural programming with social value.

Website: ammandesignweek.com