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The challenge of inclusivity and accessibility in public spaces is a prevalent issue in many parts of the world. In Amman, Al Hashmi Al Janoubi neighborhood has been identified as one of the most affected neighborhoods by the influx of refugees, according to Amman’s spatial profile developed by UN Habitat’s program "Urban Planning and Infrastructure in Migration Contexts", to download click here.

This area requires innovative and sustainable design solutions to make its public spaces more inclusive. This is particularly important for women and people with disabilities, who face various challenges in accessing and participating in public spaces due to factors such as safety concerns, lack of disability features like ramps, and gender-insensitive designs.

The neighborhood is densely populated, with a total population of over 14,000 inhabitants living in an area of 0.43 km2. Its infrastructure networks are overloaded, with accessibility and available facilities for women, children, and people with disabilities being a major concern. The spatial analysis also revealed the need to beautify the neighborhood to create a more pleasant environment for its residents.

Design can play a significant role in creating safer, more accessible, and user-friendly public spaces for communities. This grant was focused on finding solutions to public space challenges in Jordan through creative innovation and experimentation while relying on methodological processes in urban design and social engagement. Designers from various fields such as architecture, urban design, graphic design, and product design, as well as other creatives joined forces to submit proposals that offer innovative design solutions to create more inclusive public spaces prioritizing the needs of women and marginalized groups.



Masahit Al Hayy (Sara Nowar and Muna Bata)

SAPCE-NA (Shahed Al Hadyan, Mysaa Khweileh and Mohammad AlRahahleh)

Isbah Estateiyeh

Laith Tarawneh

Abedalrahim AlBawab

Images by Hammam Darwesh Saadeh