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creative forward fund 2021

The Creative Forward Fund supported creatives in the fields of design and crafts in Jordan whose income lacked in the aftermath of COVID19, but still have a firm idea of how to adapt their business to the ‘new normal’ or how to initiate a new project that is income generating. The Creative Forward Fund provided temporary financial support in order to kick-start and implement that idea. The funding instrument was aimed at freelance creative professionals and creative start-ups / companies whose work directly or indirectly has the potential to have a constructive influence on the cultural and creative industries in Jordan and the region. A special focus was placed on the topics of “innovation”, "ecological sustainability", "use of local materials" and "digitalisation".

goals & content

The fund supports existing initiatives or new project ideas of freelance creative professionals and creative start-ups/ companies in order to guarantee them professional continuity and further professional development. As a result, their income and employment prospects are improved in medium and long term. During the funding period, the selected participants will be offered individual (digital) mentoring in areas such as financial planning, marketing, legal requirements, digitalisation and sustainability. An additional goal of the fund is the promotion of local and regional networking with our partner projects in Lebanon and Iraq.

selected designers