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Product Design Fellowship 2022

Product Design Fellowship 2022

About takween's product design fellowship:

For its second edition, takween's Product Design Fellowship was implemented in 2 parallel cohorts focusing on Digital and Physical product design. 30 young and mid-career designers in Jordan were selected to enhance their expertise as well as resilience and responsiveness in a time of profound challenges. The target of the program is to expand professional activities through resilience-building measures

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the businesses and livelihoods of many designers in Jordan at risk. In response to this situation, the Goethe-Institut Jordan, within the framework of takween, launched the Product Design Fellowship. The fellowship focuses on the intersections of economic, social and environmental sustainability. It is designed to give the participants hands-on experience to improve their design skills. In addition to raising their awareness on urgent topics of today’s world, to become more resilient, sustainable, and comprehensive in their approach to design.



I'm Ala’a a UX/UI designer; over the last decade, I've worked with a wide range of clients, including Al Jazeera, Fada'at Media, TRT, and JICA to create insight-led, human-centered digital experiences. I am rather comfortable in abstract and strategic thought, but I am also very grounded by organization and concrete details. I believe that technology can revolutionize how people learn, communicate and create. I'm passionate about shaping products and services that help people focus on what they do best. In my free time, I've begun exploring new artistic approaches for my design solutions.

I really really love what I do.

Ala'a Ali

3D Printing and Digital fabrication specialist (Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping) Qusai Malahmeh has been an avid maker since he was a young man, he pursued a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Malaysia then stumbled across fablabs in 2015 were he was instrumental in the launch of different fablabs across Jordan (FabLab Irbid and TechWorks). He found his passion in digital fabrication and completed the Fab Academy course in 2018 and a diploma in user experience in 2020. Qusai is a co-founder of the Fab Arab Network, a regional network that connects the different fabrication labs in the region and aims to collaborate and support newly established spaces. In his new venture, menalab, Qusai aims to connect digital fabrication with education, equipping the youths of tomorrow with digital fabrication skills and an entrepreneurial mindset.


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Digital Product Design

Afaf Al Beshawi

Instagram: @afafalbeshawi

Aya Abualhummos

Instagram: @aya.ahmxd

Doaa Abdelhadi

Farah Lababidi

Instagram: @designer.farah.lababidi

Hend Badr

Instagram: @bdr_hind

Hescham Karshan

Instagram: @ihk.v

Ibrahim Salim

Instagram: @uxibrahim

Jawad Hijazi

Instagram: @jawadhijazi

Juman Al Omari

Instagram: @jumanji_arts

Jumana Aqqad

Instagram: @jomanji_99

Lugine Hairy

Instagram: @arttiverse

Muhammad Ayham Al Hakim

Instagram: @ayhamalhakim

Shatha Khalifeh

Instagram: @sh.odo

Physical Product Design

Adel Qaddoum

Instagram: @taleedi

Ahmad Al Aswad

Instagram: @taleedi

Doaa Al Hinti

Instagram: @doaalhinty

Esra'a Al-Shraideh

Instagram: @israashraideh

Haneen Ja'afreh

Instagram: @haneen.i.j

Haneen Khaleel

Instagram: @haneen_nabeel96

Hanna Bawab

Instagram: @hanna.bawab

Mohammed Suleiman

Instagram: @mohamm3d_o

Nadeen Umair

Instagram: @nadeenomair

Omar Hussein

Instagram: @knafehj

Samira Khattab

Instagram: @terracotta_studio

Sirar Khawaja

Instagram: @sirarkhawaja

Tasneem Zraikat

Instagram: @sanaam.arch