fbpx writing and storytelling for designers (Arabic) | takween

writing and storytelling for designers (Arabic)

7 - 9 April 2019
Facilitated by:
Ahmad Al Zatari
takween creative space, 31 Muath Bin Jabal St., Jabal Amman
About this Workshop

This workshop invites designers and artists who want to refine and/ or acquire new writing and narration skills in Arabic. The workshop is targeted at narrations of the creative process, and storytelling to best communicate the value of their products. The tools offered during the course will leave participants better equipped to writing bios, portfolios, applications, captions, press releases, and other promotional material for their practice.

About Ahmad Al Zatari

Ahmad Zatari is a journalist, writer, editor, and translator. With nearly 20 years of experience in Arab press, he has worked as a cultural correspondent for the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar and has written articles on cultural criticism in numerous newspapers and websites. In 2011, Ahmad contributed to the creation and launch of Ma3azef, the first Arabic website specializing in music reviews. He served as the director of cultural programs and content at Darat Al Funun for six years. Ahmed has written three books, the most recent of which is the novel "Bending the Body of Amman", published in 2014.