fbpx writing and storytelling for designers (English) | takween

writing and storytelling for designers (English)

31 March - 2 April 2019
Facilitated by:
Ibrahim Nehme
takween creative space, 31 Muath Bin Jabal St., Jabal Amman
About this Workshop

The storytelling journey starts with understanding yourself and the power of a strong narrative. This course provides participants with the foundational knowledge needed to identify the essence of their practice, and expand their storyline into compelling narratives. This course is designed for thinking through and identifying the essential points that differentiate your practice, and how to best convey ideas to audiences using the right channels. The tools offered during the course will leave participants better equipped to writing bios, portfolios, applications, captions, and other promotional material for their practice.

About Ibrahim Nehme

Ibrahim Nehme, the founder and editor-in-chief of The Outpost magazine, has over 12 years of writing, editing and journalistic experience. His work in exploring the possibilities of journalism and storytelling has been an international success, with The Outpost being referred to as 'a successor to the Economist' by The Guardian and harvesting top awards in print, journalism and cultural action. He is also the founder of Radio Mansion, a community radio experiment that was launched in Beirut in June 2018, and is the co-founder and creative director of ‘a Dance Mag’, a global dance publication based in Beirut.