fbpx basics of design process | takween

basics of design process

10 - 12 March 2019
Facilitated by:
Dema Sawalha
takween creative space, 31 Muath Bin Jabal St., Jabal Amman
About this Workshop

The purpose of this course is to promote design based on a decision-making process and established understandings in history and research. Going back to basics of scale, color, proportion, and materials, this module encourages designers looking for inspiration to redevelop and evolve their own individual process and philosophy. The course will discuss principles of design, looking at international case studies, which will help unfold concepts and tools in drawing, rendering, model making, and full size realizations.

About Dema Sawalha

Dema Sawalha has been a educator in design technology for the past thirteen years. She has a Masters in product design from the Florence Design Academy, and a background in interior design.