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designfold: conference on design and education

Written by takween on 24/05/2023


Amman, Jordan
17 – 19 June 2023 

Design is an influencer—its impacts and crossovers are manifold. The education of design, however, is the springboard for stirring change and growth; it is the driving force for the progress and development of the creative economy.   

Designfold is a conference focusing on exploring alternative narratives of individual journeys in the design field, starting from education and training methodologies and ending with understanding the successful impact of design as a vital economic driver of the creative industries. It examines intersecting aspects of identity and context, while featuring the innovative approaches of designers that push the limits of the creative processes.   

In its three thematic folds Communities to Empower; Identity and Context; Future-Centric Design, the conference pays particular attention to gender-sensitive topics, and sustainability in relation to the future of the design discipline. It discusses the untapped potential in the creative markets in the region and globally, and sheds light on the challenges and opportunities related to equality and representation in the sector.   

Scheduled from June 17-19, 2023, Designfold serves as a regional platform uniting educators, trainers, mentors, and design professionals from Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Germany. Throughout the conference, participating guest speakers and attendees will have the opportunity to connect, exchange new perspectives, share experiences, and learn from one another. In that way, Designfold seeks to foster the acquisition of new practices and insights that will contribute to the growth and development of the regional design community.  

Designfold will be hosted by the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, third floor, Princess Wijdan bint Fawaz building, 17-19 June 2023, from 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm.   

Registration to attend is currently open.
Attendance is free of charge 

Designfold Agenda

Saturday, June 17

16:00 Registration
16:30 Welcome note by Dr. Khaled Khreis
16:35 Opening Remarks by Frederike Berje
16:40 Conference Introduction by Ameer Masoud
16:50 The Value of Collaborative Spaces in Design - Amani Qaddoumi
17:10 The Right "to" Design - Sarah Rita Kattan
17:30 Repositioning Sustainability in Design - Tilla Theiss
17:50 Break
18:10 The Future in Heritage - Salma Al Qatawneh
18:30 The Emerging Voices of Design - Tuqa Rammahi
18:50 Flexible-Practical‎‎ - Dr. Farah El Zein
19:10 Panel: Finding Synergies in Design Education with Imke Grimmer, Sarah Rita Kattan,  Amani Qaddoumi and moderated by Dr. Ohoud Kamal
20:00 Closing remarks
20:15 Networking session

Sunday, June 18

16:00 Registration
16:30 Opening Remarks - Ameer Masoud
16:40 Teachers. Tools. Therapists: Surviving a 33 year design career - Ahmad Humeid
17:10 Immanent Design - Michele Braidy
17:30 Learning through Agency - Saad Salim
17:50 Break
18:10 Adapting Design Education in Iraq - Khadijah Abdul Nabi
18:30 Design & Visual Identity - Hussam Hasan
18:50 Contextualizing Design across boundaries - Felix Dietsch
19:10 Panel: Reflecting on Identity, Design and Education with Khadijah Abdul Nabi, Michele Braidy, Ahmad Humeid and moderated by Liyan Jabi
20:00 Closing remarks
20:15 Networking session

Monday, June 19

16:00 Registration
16:30 Opening Remarks - Ameer Masoud|
16:40 Decoding the Formula for Design Success: A Twelve Degrees Masterclass - Sahar Madanat
17:10 Representing Design - Jana Aridi
17:30 Designing the Learning Experience - Nadine Tuhaimer
17:50 Break
18:10 The Future of Learning - Ravin Rizgar
18:30 The Possible Roles of Technology in Design - Sara Dsouki
18:50 Designing for Artificial Intelligence - Marc Engenhart (remote)
19:10 Panel: Exploring the future of design learning with Ravin Rizgar, Sara Dsouki, Marc Engenhart and moderated by Nina Thorton
20:00 Closing remarks
20:30 Networking session

Registrations for in-person attendance is now closed

Register to attend online here


Designfold is organized by takween in collaboration with Fantasmeem in Beirut and Khan Al Fan in Erbil.

FANTASMEEEM is a program initiated by the Goethe-Institut Libanon adopting a holistic approach towards fostering creative entrepreneurship as well as encouraging collaborations and knowledge sharing in the design industry in Lebanon.

With its KHAN AL FAN project, the Goethe-Institut Iraq is promoting the emerging market of cultural and creative industries, the entrepreneurial and political perception of the sector, and the development of employment prospects in Iraq.

takween is an integrative creative industry hub which aims to support designers and creative entrepreneurs in Jordan through a series of learning opportunities and community-building initiatives. The hub has been initiated as a collaboration between the Goethe-Institut and platform27 in 2018.

Takween, fantasmeem and Khan Al Fan are part of the Global Project on Culture and Creative Industries which is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut. 

Graphic design: Dana Baddad