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UX-UI Design

3 - 5 July 2023
Facilitated by:
Ala'a Ali

About this module

In this module, the essentials of UX/UI design are looked at, starting from an overview, then diving to practical components such as understanding user flows and the significance of identifying a target audience. Participants get to create fictional personas and brainstorm ideas for their digital product. The session concludes with participants sketching wireframes for their chosen product idea, laying a robust groundwork for the next stage of the design journey. In the second workshop, I guide participants deeper into the world of design, elucidating the core principles that govern effective and appealing designs. We then transition into the practical use of Figma, a popular UI design and prototyping tool. Participants will transform their sketched wireframes into interactive prototypes, start building their User Interface, and apply the learned design principles. Finally, each participant gets a chance to present their wireframes and prototypes, fostering an environment of collaborative learning and constructive feedback. This holistic and practical approach to UX/UI design workshops has been well-received by participants, offering them a comprehensive introduction leading to the creation of a tangible digital product prototype.

About the facilitator


I'm Ala’a a UX/UI designer; over the last decade, I've worked with a wide range of clients, including Al Jazeera, Fada'at Media, TRT, and JICA to create insight-led, human-centered digital experiences. I am rather comfortable in abstract and strategic thought, but I am also very grounded by organization and concrete details. I believe that technology can revolutionize how people learn, communicate and create. I'm passionate about shaping products and services that help people focus on what they do best. In my free time, I've begun exploring new artistic approaches for my design solutions.

I really really love what I do. 

Ala'a Ali