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systems thinking

25 - 28 September 2021
Facilitated by:
Chhavi Jatwani

About this module

In this module the participants will learn to use a system thinking approach to create impact. The knowledge they will gain from this module will instil a system thinking mindsets in them. They will start thinking in a holistic way and will get comfortable with complexity using the needed tools and methodologies. 

About the facilitator

Chhavi Jatwani is the Head of Design at the Future Food Network with international experienc in food design and systems thinking. She has consistently been the industry first mover, joining the first cohorts of all her educational experiences - BA in product & Interaction design in Bangalore, Masters in Food design in Milan and Food Innovation Global mission in Reggio Emilia. Growing up in a developing country, her strong internal compass is guided by only one question - What is the impact I am creating? 
She entered the food world with the ambition to promote a foundational systemic shift from extractive to regenerative, centralized to decentralized, taste & convenience driven to also health and wellbeing focussed. In her ten years of experience as a social impact creative, the last five have focused on the intersection of food systems, design and business, maneuvering toolkits from design thinking, service design, systemic design, lean startup and agile.
Through R&D projects and innovation workshops, Chhavi has helped major FMCG companies like Dole, Barilla and Ab-Inbev in sowing the seeds to their human and planet centered agenda. 
Today she acts as an ecosystem architect connecting the dots between the needs of different stakeholders of the food system with the ones of our planet, developing a new human & planet centered methodology to drive systemic innovation.