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Sustainable Design Concepts

24 - 26 June 2022
Facilitated by:
Maya Karkour

About this module

This session will be given to equip participants with more creative tools and a full understanding of the circular economy and the importance of eco-design. This will include an introduction to Sustainability and the Circular Economy, as well as an introduction to Eco-Design and Circular Strategies–with tips, tools, examples, interactive discussions, eco-challenges, as well design and systems thinking methodologies on how to achieve more sustainable design concepts and solutions.

About the facilitator Maya Karkour

Maya Karkour is an Environmental and Circular Economy Specialist, an Eco-Entrepreneur, and the Managing Director of EcoConsulting, a specialized sustainability consultancy which she founded in 2003 in the UK and in 2007 in Lebanon. Maya has directly worked on numerous projects aiming at reducing their environmental footprint. She has been a keynote speaker or moderator at various sustainability/environmental conferences in Lebanon and other countries; and has organized and conducted numerous sustainability, green building, circular economy and environmental seminars & workshops. She has been coaching environmental start-ups with innovative entrepreneurial solutions and is mentoring eco or social entrepreneurs to help them establish themselves and scale up. Maya has been actively promoting the Circular Economy and sustainable practices in Lebanon, more recently by launching the Circular Hub. Maya holds an MSc in Environment & Sustainable Policies from LSE, she is a Circular Economy Specialist with the Circular Economy Club, and holds the Permaculture Design Certificate, first level.

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