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Social Innovation

17 - 19 May 2022
Facilitated by:
Mohamed Obaidat

About this module

The social innovation training is focused on creating awareness about the different innovation tools used by companies, and how we can utilize these tools in order for us to innovate solutions for the local communities and create a social added value. The course digs deep into the Design Driven Innovation while showcasing some real life examples. Topics covered in the course:

  1. Innovation in history
  2. Types of innovation
  3. Introduction to innovation tools
  4. Design Driven Innovation
  5. Innovation from social perspective

About the facilitator Mohamad Obidat

Mohammad Obaidat is a technology startup adviser with experience in developing technology products and helping startups in the market entry; he is currently serving as the executive director for Queen Rania Centre for Entrepreneurship. Obaidat holds BSc. In business and financial economics, and MSc. In Innovation and Technology Management.

Mohammad Obaidat

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