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Low Fidelity Prototyping

8 - 10 July 2023
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About this module

The proposed training program by Menalab focuses on Low Fidelity Prototyping, specifically designed for designers who are interested in creating and launching new tangible products. This training builds upon the knowledge and skills gained in the previous modules. In the Human Centered Design Module, participants learned about empathizing with users and developing products based on their needs and desires. This module emphasized understanding user perspectives and creating user-centric designs. The Design Research phase enabled participants to conduct research on existing products, analyze prior art, and generate unique design concepts that add value and stand out in the market.

This phase encouraged participants to build upon existing ideas and incorporate innovative elements into their designs. Now, in the prototyping phase, participants will learn how to transform their design concepts into tangible products. They will specifically focus on low fidelity prototypes. A low fidelity prototype is a basic, simplified version of a product that allows designers to test and iterate on their ideas quickly and cost-effectively before moving on to higher fidelity prototypes or production. Low fidelity prototypes are often made using readily available materials like cardboard, paper, felt, or modeling clay. These materials are easily manipulated and allow designers to quickly visualize and communicate their design concepts. They are cost-effective and allow for rapid iteration and feedback. By using soft materials like cardboard, paper, felt, and modeling clay, participants will learn how to bring their design concepts to life in a tangible form. They will explore different techniques and tools to create low fidelity prototypes that effectively represent their ideas. These prototypes can be used for testing, gathering user feedback, and making necessary design iterations before investing more resources into high fidelity prototypes or production. Overall, the training program on Low Fidelity Prototyping aims to equip designers with the necessary skills to transform their design concepts into physical prototypes using simple, accessible materials. This hands-on approach enables designers to iterate and refine their ideas based on user feedback, ultimately leading to the successful development and launch of new physical products.

About the facilitator

MenaLab, founded by Nadine Tuhaimer and Qusai Malahmeh, is a Jordanian startup that commenced its operations in 2022. Drawing upon our extensive experience in supporting startups and entrepreneurs, we deeply understand the intricate process involved in launching a hardware product. Through the valuable connections we have forged over the years, we are uniquely positioned to assist individuals on their entrepreneurial journey. We firmly believe in harnessing the potential of technology to address everyday challenges. That's why we offer comprehensive training programs on prototyping and digital fabrication suitable for individuals of all skill levels. Whether you're a hobbyist, a novice maker, or someone with limited experience in digital fabrication, we can provide training that not only enhances your skills but also shifts your mindset from being a mere consumer to becoming a producer.