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Intro to Human Centered Design

5 - 8 May 2022
Facilitated by:
Nour Al Gharaibeh

About this module

Introduced Human-Centered design as an empathy driven problem solving tool and discussed the different stages and tools involved in the innovation process. Designers were then guided to identify their product’s context of use and its user’s jobs to be done.

About the facilitator Nour AlGharibeh

Nour is a multidisciplinary engineer committed to apply human-centered design to empower people’s, societies’, and organizations’ growth and prosperity. Continuously exploring links between technology, design, and impact, Nour recently completed her Masters of Integrated Innovation for Products and Services at Carnegie Mellon University as a Fulbright Scholar. Nour enjoys local community building and volunteering and works closely with young leaders across the Middle East as part of her role as a Global Shapers Community Champion.

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