18 June 2023
Facilitated by:
The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts


By recognizing the significant efforts undertaken by designers and learning managers to create responsive programs that address various cultural, language, and other barriers they may encounter in their work. This fold delves into discussions about the crucial role played by one's own culture and identity in this process.   


Teachers. Tools. Therapists: Surviving a 33 year design career 

In the face of external instability, the creative industries are increasingly challenged, highlighting the need for a strong internal core to navigate constant transformation. The design industry, like any other, often experiences periods of crisis that are sometimes overlooked or quickly dismissed. Humaid will discuss an alternative approach to addressing and reflecting upon these challenging moments. By recognizing and appreciating the journey and efforts invested throughout his career in order to present a deeper understanding of failure, success, and an alternative definition of sustainability in the design industry.
Examining progress, sharing stories, and exploring future opportunities, this keynote speech will empower the audience to cultivate adaptable & sustainable design practices that not only contribute to the economy but also embrace future challenges.

About Ahmad:

Ahmad Humeid is a designer, design advocate and entrepreneur. His personal interests are wide ranging (from baking to 3D printing to politics) and he deeply believes in the role of design in shaping economic and social progress. In 1998, he co-founded SYNTAX, a design and innovation firm based in Amman.

Contextualizing Design across boundaries

About Felix:

Felix is specialized in sustainable, social and participatory design as well as architecture. Before founding POSITIF STUDIO in 2023 he was an associate at Dost Architecture in Switzerland for 5 years and the director of the Dost Berlin office between 2020 and 2023. Felix currently teaches Industrial Design and System Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.

Design & Visual Identity

About Hussam:

Hussam Hasan is an Amman-based visual consultant, artist and a photographer. As a trainer, he has worked extensively with various local and international organizations of culture. In 2017, he was awarded the Hans Wyss Foundation scholarship to study in Switzerland. He received his master's degree from École de design et haute école d'art du Valais (édhéa).

Adapting Design Education in Iraq

About Khadijah:

Khadijah Abdul Nabi is a multi-disciplinary creative and brand strategist based in Erbil, Iraq. She is the Creative Director of Ya Khadijah, a female-led design studio in Iraq established in 2017.

Immanent Design

Michele will offer an exploration of the emerging possibilities in Lebanon's design scene, showcasing how local challenges and the collective response to the absence of a distinct Lebanese design identity have fueled a renewed focus on designing what is truly essential. The talk will delve deeper into her own journey of immanent design, highlighting how this approach encapsulates a design philosophy that naturally emerges from within, firmly grounded in the country's available resources and capabilities. By delving into the multifaceted impacts and implications of their current design explorations, they can emphasize that their work not only addresses immediate context and challenges but also holds the potential to shape the future. Additionally, the session will explore strategies for leveraging new tools, materials, and technologies to continuously evolve designs, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable while maintaining a strong connection to the local context. This discussion will underscore the significance of responding to diverse design contexts, paving the way for fresh avenues of experimentation, creativity, and innovative problem-solving.

About Michele:

Michele Braidy is an architect and a multidisciplinary designer based in Beirut, Lebanon. In 2022 she launched her own furniture line and products. Her design identity is based on the association of artisanal work and innovative production techniques to sustainability and the establishment of new environmental and social design ethics. Her work reflects daily life rituals and ranges from interior spaces to installations, furniture and products.

Learning Through Agency

As a self-thought designer, Saad aims to explore the profound influence of context and identity on shaping a new reality for learning and understanding one's passion. The talk will delve into the significant impact of informal training, specifically in the field of design, and how it can greatly enhance the ability to address design needs within the context of Iraq. Additionally, Saad will share his personal journey, highlighting how he was able to build a successful practice in visual identity and discover his true passion in design, driven by the knowledge and skills acquired through self-learning. In addition, the talk will emphasize the importance of cultural relevance, language proficiency, innovation, and collaborative learning as valuable tools to empower individuals to actively contribute to the design industry.

About Saad:

Saad is the co-founder, CEO & Creative Director of Whitespace, a design agency founded in early 2020 that quickly became one of the major players in the branding business in Iraq. Saad is a self-taught designer that began his graphic design journey in 2008. His learning experience began by observing skilled designers work on different design programs, this formed a great foundation for his skills and sparked his creativity to a large extent. Years later, he still enjoys building amazing brands and making them stand out.

Panel Discussion:

Reflecting on Identity, Design and Education

With Khadijah Abdul Nabi, Michele Braidy, Ahmad Humeid and moderated by Liyan Jabi

About Liyan:

Liyan Al Jabi is a designer, researcher, and curator with a focus on creative industries. Her approach centres on research-based interventions, context-appropriate curation, and providing mentorship to designers. In recent years, Liyan developed innovative programs and workshops to foster the local creative economy.

Images: Emad Zyoud

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