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costing & pricing

10 - 14 October 2021
Facilitated by:
Samer Arabiat

About this module

The Costing and Pricing Training was designed to help startups identify and apply a “Cost-Price Quality Strategy” by conducting an accurate calculation of all the associated costs, conduct market research, identify the most suitable pricing strategy and accordingly determine the appropriate price. During this training, the startup learns the definitions and types of the production costs, the various pricing strategies, the breakeven point, the process of conducting a quality-based pricing, and the process of using the costing and pricing tool considering the fact that it costing and pricing is a critical aspect to ensure the success of any business

About the facilitator

Being a financial advisor and trainer on financial modeling for startups, accounting for startups and other financial issues which help startups with over 28 years of experience ranging between working with The Venture X new fund and we are establishing themed accelerators in Agri-tech “ HASSAD”, Creative Industries “IBDA3”, Health-tech “STARTUP AVICENNA” and Tourism “SIYAHA”, Oasis500 “Investment fund, incubator & accelerator” from September 2014 till August 2019, brokerage, investment, marketing, taxes, financial reporting companies and more than a fifteen years in financial management with companies in UAE, Kuwait & Jordan. 

Worked with regulator such as Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) Capital Market Authority in Kuwait (CMA) and Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) by providing reports or preparing and updating related processes for some of the companies I work for as consultant or full time.