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business planning

24 - 28 October 2021
Facilitated by:
Issa Nesheiwat

About this module

The Business Planning Training was designed to meet the expectations of a rising entrepreneur, during this training we focus on articulating theroadmap that details where the business is going and how to get there. The startup learns how to use its business plan to explain what the business is and how it will be operated. It dives into the business profile, the marketing plan, the operations plan, the management plan, and the financial plan. The training focuses on helping the entrepreneur build their plan bearing in mind their risks of failure, redefining their organizational structure, cultivate their goals, redirecting misleads, tracking results, and manage cashflow.

About the facilitator

A dedicated and hardworking professional with strong experience in project management, project coordination and Capacity building. Issa has a proven track record in dealing with diverse communities at both local and regional levels and a well establishing network in community development and youth empowerment.  

Since 2012 Issa worked with many local, regional and international organizations on create content and conduct – Facilitate - Mentor in many topics (Volunteerism - Time Management – Capacity Building - Creativity - Extracurricular activities - Youth Led Initiatives - Interpersonal skills) in Jordan, KSA, Oman and Lebanon.