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Branding & Packaging

26 - 29 July 2023
Facilitated by:
Deema Tabaza

About this module

In this module, the fellows went through the steps of building a successful brand strategy in depth to achieve successful branding. Starting with the core brand values to the positioning and brand messaging, they identified and determined all the requirements that important for building brand identities, from logo to fonts to colors, communication languages, and visual elements too be used across brand applications, including packaging. Fellows then incorporated the built visual identity to create successful product packaging for products, and discuss the main points to take into consideration when designing packaging for a variety of products and delve into some of the issues that face local products when it comes their packaging for the local market or export purposes, as well as some packaging study cases and analyzing strength and weaknesses.

About the facilitator

Deema Tabaza is a multidisciplinary designer & entrepreneur based in Amman, Jordan. Born in 1995, Deema has always been a lover of arts & design. In 2018 she graduated from Princess Sumayya University for technology with a degree in computer graphics & animation. Since then, Deema worked on various visual identity projects for businesses in Jordan & the MENA region. Deema is also the designer of her own product line for handmade jewelry & runs CoffeeNCrafts, an original accessory making session.

Deema Tabaza