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Brand vs. Visual Identity

12 - 13 July 2019
Facilitated by:
takween creative space, 31 Muath Bin Jabal St., Jabal Amman

About this workshop

In the current times, when branding is becoming a major currency, it is vital to understand the inner workings of what is a brand, a visual identity and all the blurred lines in between. In this workshop, we aim to allow participants to get a better understanding of a brand and a visual identity, their differences, commonalities, nuances and more. During two activity-packed days, the participants will be working on either their personal brands or new ones. The desired output of both days is to equip the participants with useful tools for their future reference.

About the facilitator

Eyen is a design collective in Amman, Jordan with the aim to congregate a network of designers and creative thinkers of multidisciplinary practices. Functioning primarily in graphic design backed with strategic frameworks, eyen works with a wide variety of clients from cultural institutions, independent businesses, food & beverage and more. They specialise in brand strategies, visual and corporate identities, Arabic type, publication design and illustration. Established in 2016 by Omar Al-Zo’bi and Yousef Abedrabbo, eyen also enjoys taking the time for design experiments and collaborations to explore possibilities beyond the commercial realm.

We are no longer accepting applications to this workshop