fbpx advanced product design | takween

advanced product design

1 - 2 September 2021
Facilitated by:
Bassam Huneidi

About this module

During this module participants will understand the importance of thinking through making and resolving technical issues through iterative prototyping and user testing.

They will learn 3D modelling techniques and its importance to product design, they will also gain an understanding of how to select the right materials - taking price and manufacturing processes into consideration. 

About the facilitator

Bassam is a design consultant and educator. Throughout his career, Bassam has worked with Fortune 100 clients including Google, Barclays and Virgin among others. His work has been granted several awards and patents as well as being shared on publications such as Dezeen and Yanko. He currently lectures on human centred design at Al Hussein Technical University and consults clients on product design.